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Over the course of more than two decades in public service to New York, the nation and the Latino community, Adolfo Carrión, Jr. has earned a reputation for bringing innovation and common sense solutions to government. Carrión began his career of service as a youth pastor and New York City public school teacher, where he gained a thorough understanding of the needs of students and their parents. Compelled to make positive impacts on these students’ total environment, Carrión pursued a career in urban planning. He became a City Planner and later served as the District Manager of Community Board 5 in the Bronx before winning a seat on the New York City Council in 1997. During his time on the City Council, Carrión was an outspoken proponent of education reform and worked to ensure minority communities’ participation in the 2000 census. He was the first freshman council member in history to be appointed to the Land Use Committee. He also served as a member of the committees on Economic Development, Education, Higher Education, Environmental Protection, and Operations. Read more...

Your City

Your City is a place where you can dream big and realize your potential. It doesn’t throw up roadblocks to your success. New York is about exploring the limits of what you can be. It shouldn't be a place where people are ignored by some or taken for granted by others. For too long, politics as usual has blocked progress on pressing challenges we all face in this great city. Special interests and tired ideas have locked too many of our citizens in generational dependency on welfare programs, failing schools and costly government bureaucracy. New Yorkers are smart. They want to see action and results. They’re dissatisfied by the old politics that has caused 70% of our people to disengage from the process. Your City is a place where government engages you. It gives you a voice and works better to ensure the promise of our democratic process – the promise of New York – and the promise of America can be realized for everyone. Get engaged and Make it Your City again. Click here to help.


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